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BET partnered with Radio One to host a LIVE BET Awards VIP viewing party on Sunday, June 27th at North Hills Stadium 14 from 7 to 11 p.m. The goal was to allow key clients, community organizations, BET viewers, and K97.5, Foxy, and The Light listeners an opportunity to experience the hottest awards show on television,up close and personal.

The viewing party included a red carpet, complimenatary appetizers, beverages, and BET Awards branded giveaways. Radio One listener and BET viewer, Angela Wilson said,”This event was fantastic, BET and Radio One should host this every year. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves and make it seem like we were actually there. I enjoyed the food, giveaways, and especially the big screen.” Many participants enjoyed the BET Awards VIP viewing party and stated that they would attend again if they had the opportunity.