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Congratulations to Pastor T.W. Campbell of Refuge Community Church in Fayetteville on being voted our August Pastor of the month.

Pastor of the Month presented by WELL CARE NORTH CAROLINA as we give recognition and honor to our local leader and Pastors, and The Light 103.9.

Pastor T.W. Campbell serves as Pastor of the REFUGE COMMUNITY CHURCH. FAYETTEVILLE, NC He celebrates 8 years as our Pastor & Leader. He has been preaching the gospel for over 46 yrs. He is not just a minister to us but to many. He strives to meet the needs of the community. He helps the homeless, needy and has served as a leader to other ministers. He is a definitely a servant leader. His greatest desire to to bring sinners to Christ, find the backsliders and the lost, for Christ and to make heaven his home.