The state officially was allowing people to list COVID-19/Coronavirus, as a reason for unemployment. Thousands of North Carolinians have filed for unemployment benefits since Gov. Roy Cooper ordered bars and restaurants to shut down statewide, except for takeout and delivery. Also under Gov. Cooper’s order, people who don’t entirely lose their jobs due to coronavirus […]

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The summer in Chicago has already gotten off to a deadly start, with gun violence claiming the lives of five and injuring nearly 60. According to the Chicago Tribune, there have been 1,400 shooting victims so far this year and 2016 is just about to reach its midway point. But what can be done to curb […]

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It’s no secret there are racial disparities when it comes to unemployment in America. The Black unemployment rate has consistently been double the amount for Whites. A new study released by the Board of Labor statistics revealed that the gap is still prevalent regardless of education status. The jobless rate for Blacks with a college degree had […]

Duke University last research and economic forecast show a surge in hiring.  The U.S. unemployment rate is below 4 percen;  something that hasn’t been seen since 2000. Companies are gearing up for business growth in the new year and possibly an increase in wages which are expected to climb 2.9%. Read more at WRAL.


According to a new study, the nation’s capital is leading the country in Black unemployment.


A state panel appointed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recommended a $6.25 increase in hourly wage for fast-food workers Wednesday, bringing minimum wage to…

President Barack Obama is on a roll. A bankroll, that is. In a proposal that could cover nearly 5 million workers, the president said Monday…

Have we finally rebounded from the great recession of 2008?

A study of 100 American cities, facilitated by Measure of America (an initiative of the Social Science Research Council), found that segregation is still affecting…