The 49ers quarterback donated his sneaker collection to orphanages and homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay area.

After 27 days since the election results NC finally has a definite Governor – Roy Cooper.  After the long, grueling recount the results were pretty much the same and Gov. McCrory  conceded. Gov. McCrory went to youtube to deliver this message and say,  “The majority of our citizens have spoken and we now should do […]

It’s been a week since the election and Gov. McCrory camp is still pushing to get all ballots counted and possibly a recount since he is trailing Democrat Roy Cooper by 5,000 votes. The elections board chairman in heavily Democratic Durham County says he doubts McCrory will find the surge of votes from his community […]

The first final count has Democrat Roy Cooper ahead of  Republican Gov. Pat McCrory by 5,000 votes so McCrory’s team is asking for a recount of the ballots, especially in Durham. The general counsel for the state Republican Party has filed a formal complaint in North Carolina’s tight governor’s race demanding that 90,000 Durham County […]

Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic candidate Roy Cooper State squared off tonight about everything from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments about women to the Black Lives Matter Movement. On HB972 (Releasing Police Camera Footage) McCrory: We need to balance the public interests, we also need to balance the constitutional rights of those being investigating. I […]

Michelle Obama will speak at a rally at the Charlotte Convention Center on Tuesday. If you’re planning to go, sign up here. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!   Gubernatorial candidate and state Attorney General Roy Cooper will introduce Obama at the rally. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. The program begins at noon. Obama’s visit here […]

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper plans to make a special announcement today on his bid to run for governor next year. Cooper plans to make his announcement this evening at Nash Community College in Rocky Mount. In the primary elections on March 15th, Gov. Pat McCrory plans to run for re-election and Ken Spaulding of […]

  NC Attorney General Roy Cooper is asking the U.S. Food and Drug Admin. to regulate electronic cigarettes like other tobacco products because they are capable of delivering high doses of nicotine and can be addictive. Cooper signed a letter on Tuesday saying that e-cigarettes are portrayed as a safe alternative and are being marketed […]