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A New study by SmartAsset shows all 100 NC counties ranked by their cost of living for most expensive to least expensive places to live. Here are the top 5 most and least expensive counties: Most Affordable: Bladen Co. Bertie Scotland Alleghany Roberson Least Affordable: Wake Union Orange Chatham Currituck

The university announced that it will provide full tuition grants to NC and SC undergrads whose family incomes total $150,000 or less. 

The Tarheel State is featured in WalletHub's list of the most fun states in the country, citing amusement parks, restaurants and more!

In the first big victory for NC Republicans since regaining the majority of the state legislature, both chambers successfully overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of their bill for tighter abortion restrictions. As reported by ABC11, the new law will shorten the time limit for most abortions from 20 weeks to 12 weeks, with medical exceptions. […]

Lawmakers in North Carolina are now considering a new bill that could signal strict punishment for those who assault school workers.  As reported by ABC11, the legislation, HB534, is currently moving through. If passed, the bill would classify certain assaults as felonies for repeat offenders.  This comes as a video of one such assault is making its rounds on social media. On Monday, footage surfaced of a student and a substitute teacher fighting inside a classroom at Rocky Mount High School. 


A Thomasville, North Carolina woman has a temper-tantrum going to pick-up her foo. Video of Jennifer Kaye Talbert was recorded in her rage towards the Democrats and the Black Lives Matter movement after refusing to wear a mask in a public place. “Trump 2020” and “our lives matter”, Kaye yells. “We don’t cover our faces […]

In the wake of more Black Lives Matter protest, the removal of Confederate statues, and faces of suggestive racist mascots/spokesperson. Tuesday, Asheville, North Carolina Council met and decided on reparations for their black residents. Unanimously the council voted 7-0 to give back to the black community. The reparations won’t be in the form of a […]

Fayetteville native and rapper J. Cole won the Best Rap Song award for their track “a lot” at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Just a few weeks ago J. Cole was spotted in his hometown of Fayetteville shooting a PUMA commercial on the basketballs courts near Walker-Spivey Elementary School on Fisher St. See a full list […]


Jennifer Shipman of Wake County, North Carolina went into a junkyard this week, when a pedestrian walked by to see her 9-month-old child in a hot car. Quincey Jones, the individual that recorded the video, posted it to Facebook and received more than 2,800 shares. “This was a very unexpected disturbing moment of my life,” […]