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KFC reveals new limited-edition BBQ perfume, "No. 11 Eau de BBQ.

Police are still investigating an explosion that destroyed a Kentucky Fried Chicken on Thursday. According to WXII,  Eden police responded to 911 calls around 12:30am about an explosion which reduced the KFC building in Eden to rubble. The building was located on Highway 14.  As of 3:00 a.m., Eden police could not confirm any reports […]

KFC recently delivered something we’ve all been waiting for– a fried chicken candle. Under their “Scents of the Commonwealth” portion of their website, KFC wants…

CNN) — Restaurant chain KFC has launched a scholarship campaign that aims to keep it short and “tweet.”

Now I know yall remember that whole coupon frenzy that had the lines of KFC looking like the lines of a club on Friday Night. Well not everyone was able to get their finger licking good samples which led straight to a lawsuit. According to the report consumers printed some 10.2 million for the free […]