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Nowadays, it might be hard to focus on what Christmas really should be about when we are encouraged to shop and spend money on the latest and greatest in material things during the holiday season. Erica Campbell explains how, in her household, she makes sure the “Christ” in Christmas isn’t left out of the priorities. […]

It’s the Holiday season, which means our carefully nailed-down routines get tossed out the window for adjusted holiday schedules and family coming into town. In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell gives us some tips on staying healthy through the seasonal shake-up. Of course, avoiding too much harmful food and drinks throughout a […]

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The boycott is calling for people across the country to avoid making purchases at large retail chains.

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell gives some of the tips listeners submitted about finding the joy in your life, especially those who might find themselves on their own this holiday season. Most importantly, she talks about giving to others rather than sitting by yourself and having a pity party. Just because you’re […]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF are really excited for Thanskgiving! Erica says she’s even excited for the loud family members who take 14 plates of food. GRIFF, on the other hand, is really excited for football. He also shares his fondest memory from his Thanksgivings growing up. Check out the exclusive video above to hear more […]

It gets so difficult to stay health during the Holidays with all that delicious home-cooked food all over the place, but Yolanda Adams has some amazing tips. Click on the…

The big family gatherings are the some of the best parts of the Christmas holiday- nothing is better than the company of loved ones around…

The Triangle organization Meals on Wheels which help provide meals to home-bound seniors is asking for help during the holidays with donations and time. Meals on Wheels of Wake County says there are currently hundreds of seniors on a waiting list for meal delivery and they could serve 200 more seniors immediately with the proper funding and […]

The Walls Group is in studio hanging out with the morning show family! They talk about the how they spend the holidays together and the importance of giving…