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Trump warns of dire consequences if not re-elected, highlighting potential trade conflicts with China during an Ohio rally.

Don't miss your chance – North Carolina's early voting for the March 2024 primary ends this Saturday.

  Find out more about who is running for office.   Warren Ballentine (the People’s Lawyer) will be the facilitator of a candidate forum tonight… Here’s how you can check it out .   The National Panhellenic Council of Durham and Orange Counties (NPHCDO) is hosting a candidate forum to engage, educate, and empower our community. This is […]

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A three-judge panel in San Antonio ruled that Republicans in Texas racially gerrymandered congressional districts.

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Mary-Pat Hector, a 19-year-old Spelman student, will become a part of history if she is elected to office in the state of Georgia.

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According to police officials, there were 27 shootings that left 12 individuals dead and 48 others wounded.

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During a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, Trump thanked African Americans for “coming through for him big league” during the November election.

Pastor Hart Ramsey, who is also a multi-talented composer, musician, author and bible teacher, chatted with Erica Campbell and GRIFF, about his new album, “True Story.” He talks about some of the challenges of being a pastor and a musician, and how he even started doing music in the first place. Plus, Pastor Hart shares […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF says some words for those who are carrying some anger around after Donald Trump‘s election win. He says some wise words about all of the high tension floating around the nation since Tuesday. He notes that he can’t realistically just pick up and move to another country, because […]


Donald Trump wins, but we will never lose.