Raleigh is ranked as the best city to drive in, in the country. The research compared the 100 largest cities in 29 different areas, including hours spent in congestion and gas prices.

Excellent driving tips to help you get there safely.

A woman named Bernice made a Get Up Call one morning to mobilize the prayer warriors for her. She made a big decision to relocate to an entirely new region of the country, and things haven’t quite turned out the way she had hoped. Now, she’s making a risky trip back to where she came, […]

In GRIFF’s Prayer today, he shares with God the horrific sight he saw while out driving on the road. He describes being disgusted by seeing a man in the next lane picking his nose, but much more elaborately than any nose-picking really needs to be. He prays that he could be spared from seeing something like […]

GRIFF’s prayer this morning is dedicated to spouses in households with two cars. He speaks on the frustrating situation of getting into one’s car after one’s spouse has used it, and finding that they left very little gas in the tank and didn’t bother to fill it up! He prays for reciprocity in the future […]

Twins were disappointed to hear they wouldn't be able to obtain their learner's permits because the DMV thought they were one person.

Meteorologists are calling for rain all day today and freezing rain later tonight. All this has NC bracing for icy roads and possible power outages by tomorrow morning. Most of Central & Eastern NC are under a winter storm watch beginning Tues. evening until noon on Wednesday. Freezing rain could produce up to a quarter […]

Many are hitting the roads and airways to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Airlines are expected to transport close to 24 million people between now and Nov. 27th, a slight increase from last year.  AAA expects about 39 million people to hit the roads, eventhough the price of gas is still pretty high but it has come […]

Police are investigating a shooting in Durham Monday morning that left a woman seriously injured. Witnesses said the victim was in a car travelling down North Alston Avenue when the back window was shot out. The car stopped at Flatford Court and an ambulance was called. Witnesses said the victim suffered a gunshot wound to […]

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban the use of hand-hel cell phones while behind the wheel of a vehicle.