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Healthy seniors at risk of Alzheimer’s are letting scientists peek into their brains to find the cause of the illness.  More than 35 million people worldwide have Alzheimer’s or similar dementias, including about 5 million in the U.S. Those numbers are expected to rise rapidly as the younger generations get older.  No one knows what […]

The densely populated Houston area has gotten hit with 5 to 8 inches of rain in less than a day.  As of Tuesday morning over 80,000 people are without power in the area.  Houston’s fire department received 150 requests for people needing assistance in just two hours of the storm. Roads that are often traveled have […]

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office began looking into the Freedom Christian Academy in March after a parent withdrew her children from the private school after discovering that Joan Dayton, the head of school knowingly allowed Conner to work there during the 2011-12 academic year             Paul Conner, the convicted sex offender at the center of […]

A grand jury has made the decision to indict all six officers charged in the case of Freddie Gray, the young man who died of injuries he obtained while in police custody. Prosecutors have been presenting evidence to the grand jury for the past two weeks. However the indictments that was announced Thursday share a […]

According to multiple media outlets, Google has a big problem on its hands after a Twitter user first posted a screen shot of a disturbing search result on Google Maps. Users of Google Maps are redirected to the White House when they type in variations of the n-word. A Google spokeswoman released an email statement on the […]

David Letterman signed off of CBS’ “Late Show” for good Wednesday night and television hasn’t suffered such a lost in a very long time.  Letterman closed a major chapter in late night television however it wasn’t done without applause and a lot of laughter. At the very beginning of the show Dave was showered with […]

A rare joint action with attorneys general for each of the 50 states occurred in which the Federal Trade Commission revealed that four cancer charities are actually shams.  All four of the organizations are run by extended members of the same family. The organizations conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012 and almost […]

  Takata Corp. issued what is now the largest auto recall in U.S. history.  After pressure from U.S. regulators the company finally declared 33.8 million air bags defective. The defect is regarding the chemical that inflates the air bag. The chemical can make the airbag explode with too much force, blowing apart a metal inflator […]

North Carolina lawmakers are making sure that Duke University’s latest NCAA title doesn’t go unnoticed.   Coach K and his Duke University basketball team will be returning to the North Carolina Legislative Building to be honored for their last national title win. A special joint session was scheduled by the House and Senate for Tuesday afternoon […]

A Duke University political science professor, named Jerry Hough made what some are calling a controversial statement regarding an editorial in the New York Times. The editorial that sparked the comment was titled “How Racism Doomed Baltimore” and it focused on the idea that poverty and isolation of the African-American community in Baltimore were major […]