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Jekalyn Carr Bio:

CHANGING YOUR STORY (October 23)is signature Jekalyn Carr. Bringing together all the things that have made Carr a bonafide success on the Gospel sales and radio charts, CHANGING YOUR STORY is a thoroughly complete body of work. Equal parts exhorting and preaching are set to Carr’s sonorous vocals and make up an unmatched power-filled experience.

CHANGING YOUR STORY was recorded last year, in Atlanta, GA, at the famed “Praise In The Park” festival. Carr harnesses the live crowd’s incredible energy to produce a formidable 13-track project that bolsters her expanding impact on Gospel music.

“I wanted to do something different, bigger with this recording,” said Carr. “It was my first time doing a live recording, and I knew I wanted to be outside of the church’s four walls.” “There was beautiful freedom recording at Praise in the Park. You can feel the energy of the crowd, and it gives you liberty on stage. You can hear it on the album.” [Text Wrapping Break]

Written almost entirely by Jekalyn, CHANGING YOUR STORYreveals her continued growth as a singer and songwriter. The album’s title cut drives the theme and sets the tone for the whole project. “Changing Your Story,”already a Number 1 song on Billboard, marks Carr’s fourth Number 1 song in just as many years. Carr has remarkably earned (6) Top 10 singles and (4) Number 1 singles all by age 23, an unprecedented achievement.

The deeply personal“Changing Your Story” hits home for Carr. “I’ve seen God change my story for the better … all of the things that my family and I have gone through and to see how God changed our story … That’s why it means a lot to me,” said Jekalyn. “I am not just singing about it, but it’s my personal testimony … And I am aware there are many people out there, who have seen God not only change their story already, but they need another story to be changed.”

One of the highlights is “Jehovah Jireh,” a slow-building intense song that expresses The Lord as Provider. “‘Jehovah Jireh’ is for those who are in a place where you feel like you are transitioning,” explained Carr. “There are things that God has called you to … maybe you have a vision, maybe you have this word from God and All you have is Him carrying you.” “It speaks to understanding that God is Jehovah Jireh … that He can provide whatever it is that I need, but he’s willing to provide it for you.” And it’s saying, “I believe the same God who raised Lazarus from the dead … I believe that He is the same God who can do the same thing for me. That’s what that song is expressing. He is, He can, and He will.”

Another standout and one of Carr’s ‘favorite’ is “The Blood Never Loses.”The tunefully sung vocals and delightful instrumentation are juxtaposed with Carr’s powerful visualization for the song.

“When I was writing this song, the Lord showed me a boxing ring or a wrestling ring … when you think about the Blood of Jesus, it doesn’t matter what you put it up against, it will never lose,” Carr said. ”I’m expressing the Blood has no match! You can’t compare it to anything else.”[Text Wrapping Break]

The writing throughout CHANGING YOUR STORYis thoughtful and heartfelt. Carr’s intense preparation for the album included a true consecration that formed these significant songs. During the process, a song would be inspired by a moment on stage while Carr was ministering or offering prayer. One example“You’ve Been Restored,”a hopeful ballad that came to Carr after an altar call moment.  [Text Wrapping Break]

On the other side of the spectrum is the upbeat praise “Canaan,” which reminds listeners of God’s promise. “God promises Canaan … this song is telling you … It’s time for you to get up, so you can move into the place God has for you,” said Carr. “Canaan could represent anything! It could represent your family’s restoration. It could represent your business thriving again, your ministry, whatever it is, you’ve got to take your rightful place.”

Carr’s prime trademark is the way she owns the beautiful space between modern and traditional Gospel. Since her introduction to the music scene, Carr has always belied her young age, and her vocals still offer a depth that goes well beyond her 23 years. Her distinct ability to find success in both worlds is evident on songs like “Connected To You,” and “Power of Love.”The first is a beat-driven mid-tempo tune that expresses what happens when you are connected to God. “I love this song … it really talks about all the benefits to being connected to God … the things that come with the covenant with God — Power, Favor, Blessings.” [Text Wrapping Break]

“Power of Love,” finds Carr tapping into a more R&B and pop sound. The song has reached success on UAC radio and, although written over a year ago, is divinely relevant with unity themes and loving one another. Against the backdrop of this year’s reckoning of racial injustice in America, the song is much needed. Carr said of the song, “Despite what anyone is doing … or saying We can operate, live, stand and walk in love.”[Text Wrapping Break]

Carr’s ongoing evolution as a young woman and singer, songwriter, author, and motivational speaker is exciting to witness. With a string of hits and Number 1 albums in a few short years, the 23-year old’s gift continues to make room for her as her influence expands with her fifth album release, CHANGING YOUR STORY.