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Comedian Gary Owen has a bone to pick with Delta airlines after his wife, who was flying first class, was questioned about her ticket. Gary explains that hos lady was waiting with a handful of passengers to border the plane when she was approached by an embicilic Delta employee who asked to confirm her seat. His wife confirmed she was flying in first, then noticed he didn’t ask anyone else…

Gary wrote on Instagram:



Hey @delta this morning my wife & daughter flew from Cincinnati to San Francisco on the 7:20am direct flight gate B21. Your gate agent asked my wife as she was standing in the priority line if she was in first class. She said yes. My wife is a black woman. So she asks your agent are you not going to ask the man behind me if he is in first? Your agent said NO. My wife asked why? Your agent said “because I don’t want to.” Your ticket agent was a white man the man standing behind my wife was a white man. I have well over 2 million miles on Delta. I know you have a lot of amazing employees that treat ppl with respect & dignity. But what happened this morning was not ok.


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