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Nikki Giovanni was born Yolande Cornelia Giovanni, Jr., on June 7, 1943, in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Giovanni worked to graduate with honors , proudly from her grandfather’s alma mater, Fisk University in 1967.

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Nikki Giovanni is currently a distinguished Professor , at Virginia Tech. She has worked there since 1987.

Her poetry has always focused on the power of not only the Black culture, but the power within the Black woman.

“There’re two people in the world that are not likeable: a master and a slave.” -Nikki Giovanni

Ego Tripping-

“I was born in the Congo

I walked to the Fertile Crescent and built

The Sphinx

I designed a pyramid so tough that a star

That only glows every one hundred years falls

Into the center giving divine perfect light

I am bad”


Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin ; talking about the views from their generations perspective: