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Congratulations to Bishop Clifton Cortez Winston of Word of Truth Church in Raleigh, NC on being voted our January Pastor of Month.

Bishop Winston is the proud Pastor of Word of Truth church. Bishop Clifton Cortez Winston is a Raleigh native. He is a husband and proud father of four kids. He received his Master of Religious Education degree from Shaw University Divinity School. His passion for music led him to manage the highly accomplished recording group, Rev. Dr. Shirley Winston & amp; New Community in Christ, which received the 2004 Raleigh Durham Triangle Chapter of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses Choir of the Year Award. In addition, he has received The Gold Pin and Presidents Award for Superior Academic Achievement at Shaw University, was a finalist for 103.9 Lamp Lighters Award, and received the Administrative Extra Effort Award for the State of North Carolina. Bishop is truly one of kind; he gives so much to others without expecting anything in return. His truth and love for God helps him guide the people of his Church to serve God’s purpose. He supports the church inside and out. Having such a young church, you can see him mentoring and supporting all the kids like a father figure. He not only prays and helps those in the church community but the spouses that are not a part of the church community. He is always emphasizing the importance of community and he always shows each member how much he cares about them through his words and his actions. He is there for anyone day or night while still taking care of his responsibilities for his job, as a husband and as a father. He is not just our Bishop on Sunday’s, he is a part of our family that supports and cares for us all deeply. He is like a father to many and a prayer warrior to all.