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Ferguson On One Year Anniversary Of Michael Brown's Death

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The city’s police chief said at least nine people were arrested and tear gas was deployed by officers during protests in St. Louis over the death of a black 18-year-old who was fatally shot by police after he pointed a gun at them.

According to Chief Sam Dotson a group of protesters who had blocked an intersection threw glass bottles and bricks at officers and refused orders to clear the roadway. Dotson said Inert gas was used and when that didn’t affect the crowd, police turned to tear gas to clear the intersection.

Those who were arrested face charges of impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest.  The death of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey of St. Louis spurred several protests Wednesday.

The chief said Wednesday afternoon two police officers served a search warrant at a home in a crime-troubled section of the city’s north side and encountered two suspects, one of which was Ball-Bey.  According to Dotson the suspects were fleeing the home as Ball-Bey, who was black, turned and pointed a handgun at the officers, who shot him.

Ball-Bey died at the scene.  According to a police report both officers, who are white, were unharmed.

Police are searching for the second suspect, who they said is believed to be in his mid- to late teens.

Dotson said four guns, including the handgun wielded by the dead suspect, and crack cocaine were recovered at or near the home, which last year yielded illegal guns during a police search.  A man and woman who were also inside the home were arrested.

An estimated 150 people gathered Wednesday afternoon near the scene of the shooting, questioning the use of deadly force.

42 year old Dex Dockett, who lives nearby told a reporter. “Another youth down by the hands of police,What could have been done different to de-escalate rather than escalate? They (police) come in with an us-against-them mentality. You’ve got to have the right kind of cops to engage in these types of neighborhoods.”

According to Dotson on top of the nine arrests on Wednesday night, officers responded to reports of burglaries in the area and the fire department was called after a car was set on fire.  Dotson blamed the crimes on people seeking “notoriety” in a neighborhood “plagued by violence.”

Some of the people who protested Ball-Bey’s killing had already spent the morning in downtown St. Louis, marching to mark the anniversary of another fatal police shooting of  young black male, Kajieme Powell.


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