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Recently I have had a lot of folks ask me which streaming media device is the best; Roku Player or Chromecast. The Roku is a more “family-friendly” device because everything you need to get started is provided (minus the HDMI cord) and does not require users to have a mobile device to control it. The Chromecast requires users to have some sort of mobile device or tablet to control/direct it to your desired content. The thing I love about the Chromecast is that it is a “social” device that is great when used during get together’s and parties because it allows multiple mobile devices to control it while on the same wireless network. This works extremely well when viewing videos via YouTube. It is also has a few in-office/business applications. The device is extremely portable and allows users to display their computer screen on a TV. This is a great feature for conducting presentations via a Google Chrome (browser). So which is the better buy? The Roku is the better buy if your looking for a large selection of content/channels and plan to use the device primarily at home. The Chromecast is a great device for the home and is extremely portable when traveling. So the choice is yours. THOUGHTS?