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Mary Mary Season 3


The Erica and Tina arrive in New Zealand. Warryn sits down to talk with Tina.  Tina admits that she is hurting. Warryn confesses he will stand with Tina until the end.   Erica faces the fact that if she continues with Mary Mary her body may give out.Her new management is not a “Mary Mary” manager. He signed on for Erica not “Mary Mary”. Erica concedes to do a praise and worship song since she will be singing alone. Erica wins over the church congregation.  She is empowered by it.  Erica realizes that  t’s time to ell Tina that she is leaving the group. Warryn and Erica decide to go zip lining. Tina  and Goo Goo conquer their fears and zipline across. It’s a testimony that Tina knows she can face her fears. Tina comes back to the room and talks to Teddy. The ladies go to a signing. Erica and Tina talk about Mary Mary’s future.   Erica decides that she wants her solo career.  She tells Tina. Tina does not take it well. Tina and Erica exchange heated words. So heated that Tina sends the cameras away.  Now, the ladies are  headed on to the stage. They hit the stage and Tina is angry.  Tina leaves in the middle of the show and walks off the stage. Finally she returns after Erica sings “A Little More Jesus”. Tina and Erica sit down and talk. Tina decides that this is the end.

Tina calls it quits.  While doing the interview Teddy comes in and does a full confession and apology and sings Marry Me and presents a ring.  Tina goes over to Erica’s house to talk.  While there, there is a knock at the door.  Erica opens the door and it’s Mitch.

The show ends. Season 4????

Here is a deleted scene:

Lesson for The Season: Believe in yourself, stand in your truth and make a plan.

Maybe you’re one of those self-assured people who’ve never given a hoot what anyone thinks of them. Erica and Tina started the season off trying very hard to deal with  Tina’s confession of marriage issues. We watched it play out in front of a camera.  There were hard lessons to learn there. We watched Erica go solo. Tina has her heart broken. Together the ladies face the fact that Erica is starting to focus on a solo career.  They stood in truth.  Tina stood in her truth when she accepted that she was broken and hurt.

How many people deny their brokeness and walk around in perfection mode until they break someone else?  Professionally Erica needed  to understand who she was without Tina. Lesson garnered is you must surround yourself with smart, enthusiastic people– and build a support system of others who strive to be exceptional.You could live a million years and you still wouldn’t be able to exhaust your potential. Building self-confidence is necessary for you to take charge of your life and make the necessary changes that will ensure greater personal happiness and more success in every aspect of your life.Every individual at some time in their life suffers with a lack of self- confidence, it can link with emotional insecurities and the first step is to acknowledge and take ownership of where you are, how you feel, and what you have created so far and only then can you start on the road of developing self-confidence for a new you.

That’s the truth of all of this season.

Tina needs to face her pain and  Erica needs to face her solo career.

What was your favorite moment this season?

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