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We had fun this afternoon with some Christmas trivia; biblical, songs etc… Here are the questions and answers in case you missed them.

1.   How many days after the birth of Christ did Joseph and Mary give him the name Jesus?

2.   What was the weather like that Christmas Eve when Rudolph had to guide the way?

3.   All of these events took place to fulfill the word of the prophet who said, that a virgin shall give birth to a son called Immanuel. (which means “God with us.”) What was the name of the prophet who foretold this great wonder?

4.   What is Frosty the Snowman’s nose made of?

5.   In the second chapter of Luke, what is the reason given for Mary and Joseph being in Bethlehem when Jesus is born?


1.    8

2.    One foggy Christmas Even

3.   Isaiah   (Matt. 1:22-23)

4.   a button

5.   Census