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Kenan Thompson suited up again as the filmmaker/actor/writer, entering the fake news segment tossing money in the air.

Asked by host Seth Meyers how he was able to make $130 million last year, he answered: “It’s a simple formula. I write, direct and star in all of my films. They cost $400 to make and every black person in America goes to see them.”

Complaining that his films are never liked by critics, he said: “To most critics I’m some sort of a black oddity – like cocoa butter. They know it’s a thing, but they don’t know what it is.” When “The Help” was mentioned by Seth as an example of an African American film that is critically acclaimed, Kenan’s Perry responded, “Oh yes, ‘The Help’ – a film that teaches black women the lesson that if you work hard enough, and hum loud enough, Emma Stone will come and save you.”

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