A Mexican couple got the surprise of their lives at the funeral for their daughter, who was born premature and pronounced dead at the hospital she was born at.

A newborn girl declared dead by doctors in Mexico surprised mourners when she came back to life inside her coffin.

Hidalgo State Attorney General Jose Rodriguez says the parents heard a strange noise coming from the casket during the baby’s wake.

When they opened the coffin, they found the infant crying and very much alive.

The baby was born prematurely on Monday and was pronounced dead by a doctor at a hospital in the town of Tulancingo. The doctor is now being investigated for possible negligence, Rodriguez said.

The baby is in stable condition at a different hospital.

Isn’t checking a pulse the first thing you learn at med school? Come on Tulancingo, step it up a couple. I know how to check a pulse!! That poor baby, but God is good. She could have been buried alive. Woo that was a close one.