The widow of R&B singer Sean Levert has won $4 million in a settlement of her lawsuit over his 2008 death in an Ohio jail. The agreement with Cuyahoga County and a jail medical services contractor was reached late Wednesday in Cleveland federal court, reports the Associated Press. It includes no official admission of liability.

Sean Levert, 39, was jailed on March 24, 2008, after being sentenced for owing nearly $90,000 in child support. He died six days later and had been denied his prescribed anti-anxiety medication Xanax while he was detained. The coroner said Xanax withdrawal contributed to Levert’s death.

SHOCKING!!! These are the reported last moments of Sean Levert. Sean was the son of legendary R&B singer Eddie Levert, the lead singer of The O’Jays. The video you are about to see is disturbing in nature VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.


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