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R&B songstress Brandy, has often been on the wrong end of the media. Many entertainment news and gossip websites have dug their nails into her every whim in attempts to rip her to shreds. As a frequent target of Internet naysayers,  one can understand how this would effect a celebrities state of mind and bring forth more insecurities.

As such Brandy is is pleading with the blogosphere to have more respect for her feelings. She specifically wishes more consideration would be placed when commenting about her 2006 car accident that led to the death of motorist Awatef Aboudihaj. Brandy was lucky enough to escaped criminal charges, but was sued by the deceased woman’s family. She settled with them in November.

“Sometimes we don’t read the comments because of what we’ve seen people say in the past about us,” Brandy wrote on her blog. “Okay, you don’t like my shoes, you don’t like my outfit, cool, but the rest of it, like bringing up the car accident?” She also stated “People just go too far. Way too far,” Brandy said of bloggers. “But people are going to be who they are. As long as I’m not like that, and even if I wasn’t me and I was tweeting about another celebrity, I would never say anything bad about somebody like that. I’m glad that I’m that type of a person… I just think people should have respect. We have feelings.” Brandy, currently starring in VH1’s “Brandy & Ray J: Family Business.”


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