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Deitrick Haddon comes to the Get Up Church to drop his brand new single and video “Here Comes The Joy.” The song along with the video gives you a throwback theme that will have you jamming this spring and summer.  D. Haddy talks to Erica and GRIFF about the new track and his unique style and sound.

We also get the tea on a possible “Preachers of LA” reboot. Will the reality show return? Listen below for the details:



Erica Campbell: You always do crazy videos. You really do stretch. I love it. Whenever you never fit into the Gospel box, you always do something different. Where does that come from?

Deitrick Haddon: You know, when everybody go left, I go right. I go right, I go left. I feel like God has given us all a unique style and a unique sound and I’m here for it. You know, I think I think it’s important to bring the art back to gospel music seemed like we all just want to retreat to the four walls and do praise and worship. But I didn’t come up in the I came up in the era I came from Detroit, where we celebrated the different sound the contemporary gospel music and I’m just a son of that. And I love where I am right now I’m you know, I’m holding all my Masters. I’m putting out music when I feel like it you know, I’m not on record label schedule and grid and I’m just I’m gonna be dropping a whole lot of music this year. I got to film dropping in June. Just a lot of good stuff. And people that subscribe to me you gonna love it. You know.

EC: Listen, you got nominated in a new category this year for the Steller’s rap hip hop song of the year nominated for “Sick World.” Have you ever been in this category before?

DH: No way. I ain’t no rapper! I’ll take it, I’ll take it. You know, I just been, you know, making good music and doing it on my terms that I didn’t know I will be nominated. So I’ll take it. I thought it was a great song that was speaking to where we were at the time, I was just making music to encourage people and get people to focus because we were in the middle of the pandemic and so to be nominated for it is incredible. And I’m more excited for Zaytoven you know, Zaytoven made his name in the trap world. He’s like the godfather of the whole trap movement. And he loves gospel music and so to be nominated for that song is big for him. So I’m excited for that.

EC: You recently hinted about a reboot of “Preachers of L.A.” Will you be doing more reality TV in the future?


DH: It’s happening y’all. We didn’t reboot it already. We done the show. Ready, locked, and loaded, and get ready to come out with it. So I’m excited. Ain’t nobody changed. We were fabulous back then. And we still fabulous.

GRIFF: Come on, Pastor.

EC: Listen, before we wrap you recently said “if you lived your life based on the hell that you’ve been through in your life, you would never be happy,” Someone needs to be encouraged this morning, leave a message to bless the people today.

DH: I think you said it when you were talking about forgiveness Erica because that’s an important key to being set free in your life and true forgiveness comes with no strings attached. And so what I’ve learned that I walk in the freedom that is you know, just that only God can give you know so I would encourage people just keep forgiving people because people deserve they deserve you know the wrath that you come with. Don’t give it to him give give give yourself the freedom and keep moving on and continue to be successful and that’s enough right there.




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