Many families are preparing for the upcoming school year and looking for new ways to save time and cut expenses.  Some families have already gotten…

Relationships, good or bad take alot of work. God smiles on marriage but there are times they may go through some rough times…

I like to snack but it doesn’t help when I’m trying to shed a few pounds…. Here are 5 essential rules we can apply on this journey. thoughtfully compiled these simple steps to knock those pounds off and forever out of your life. Check them out! 1. Snack on almonds When salty cravings strike, […]

Before you start school in the fall, you will have to know great study techniques. These include using a lot of repetition; studying in a comfortable atmosphere; taking frequent breaks from reading; focusing heavily on the summaries and captions in your textbooks; studying intensively at night before a big test; and thinking critically while going over your material.

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Six expert tips from the <strong>American Running Association</strong><strong> for getting the most of every running experience.</strong>

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