Ohio (Examiner)– Katurah Petty and her female accomplice Staniel Petty were arrested on Thursday after allegedly stealing merchandise from the Wal-Mart store. Katurah Petty was in labor at the time of the theft. Authorities said that the women stole approximately $271 worth of computer software by using computer – generated serial number labels to steal […]

  A security video just released shows a woman upset about not getting Chicken McNuggets, so she smashes the drive through window. 

  In Ohio a six-story tall statue of Jesus that sat along Interstate 75 was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm and burned to the ground. 

Audrey Scott was charged with a misdemeanor for making false 911 calls, 5 total in a one hour period of time.

ConAgra employees are remembering their coworkers this morning during a memorial.