Among the thousands were Angela Davis, Alicia Keys, the Mothers of the Movement, and more — who all provided priceless moments to remember.

Two mothers of the movement, Geneva Reed-Veal and Maria Hamilton, whose children’s deaths helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement, were in Charlotte on Friday to encourage early voting. Reed-Veal’s daughter, Sandra Bland, died in a Texas jail cell last year after a state trooper pulled her over for failing to use a turn signal. Their […]

Supporters and critics alike are looking for Hillary Clinton to follow through on criminal justice reforms if she is elected president.

As the women left the stage, the arena erupted in a "Black Lives Matter!" chant.

Day two of the DNC will be unprecedented as Bill Clinton takes the stage in support of his wife, candidate Hillary Clinton, while the Black mothers of recent shooting victims tell their story of grief and resilience in an effort to enforce gun control.