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Obama invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House on Thursday to talk about a “smooth transition of power."

Often political candidates visit black churches to get out the vote. Presidential candidate Sec. Hillary Clinton visited Little Rock A.M.E. Zion in October. On Sunday, director Lee Daniels visited First Baptist-West to get out the vote before Tuesday’s election, according to QC City Metro. Want gospel news at your fingertips? Text NC to 60796 to […]

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On November 12, Chappelle will make his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live with A Tribe Called Quest as musical guests.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you know how absolutely mind-boggling this election season has been. This year’s race is historic for many reason, and which way it goes will determine a lot of the changes we will say over the next decade in this country. So Erica […]

On the campaign trail, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims to want to be the best solution for black people. Want the latest news and gossip at your fingertips? Text NC to 71007 to join our text club! Donald Trump portrays all black people as residents of the inner city living in fear and squalor. Or he […]

The Clinton parade continues in North Carolina on Sunday. Former president Bill Clinton will speak in Charlotte at an undisclosed location. You Won’t Believe This! Black Republicans Release HBCU PSA As Election Day Looms According to Hillary Clinton’s website, says President Clinton will discuss his wife’s  plans for building an economy that works for everyone and her record of […]

Early voting started today, and Olympia D had a chance to interview President Obama about the importance of voting early. The two chatted about everything from the Obama impersonations to the dangers of sitting out this election. Listen to their interview below. ALSO TRENDING :: Election 2016 :: Early Voting Locations This Is What Happens […]

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This morning, the call to prayer, the Adhan, woke me just after 4 am as it came from the three crackly loudspeakers at the mosques that surround my house. I have been on an extended stay on the African and 99% Muslim island of Zanzibar for the past couple of months, working with the Zanzibar […]

President Obama reaches his final 100 days in office. He has a lengthy to-do list and every intention to get it all done.

President Obama will likely leave office as one of the most successful and poplar presidents in recent memory. His success hasn’t come without failures. Want the latest news and gossip at your fingertips? Text NC to 71007 to join our text club! On Tuesday, during a talk with students at a North Carolina A&T town […]