Join us Monday – Friday at 10:47am for fun Bible trivia in “How Well Do You Know Your Bible.” Text “LIGHT” To 37890 for your chance at ticket giveaways and news before anyone else!…Standard Messaging Rates Apply Here are this weeks questions and answers: Monday 2/3/14 Q: In Chapter 6 of Paul’s first letter to […]

This week you’ll have a chance to win the DVD from the movie “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” starring Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon. Here are this week’s questions and answers: Monday 1/13/14 Q:  The prophet Elijah fled the evil hand of King Ahab by hiding in the wilderness along a small brook. […]

Join me weekdays for some fun bible trivia… this week we are talking of “gold” in the bible. 12/3/13 Q:  When Moses went up on Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, he was delayed, and the Israelites whom he had brought out of Egypt were restless.  They wanted a new god, and Aaron (Moses’ […]

Join me weekdays at 11:50am for fun Bible Trivia.  Here are this weeks questions and answers.  Finish these scriptures Monday 9/30/13 Q:   “I am the Lord you God who brought you out of _________, out of the land of slavery.”  Exodus 20:2 A:  Egypt Tuesday 10/1/13 Q:  “I am the way and the ______ and […]

Join us weekdays at 11:50am for fun Bible trivia…. Here are this weeks questions and answers. Monday 9/23/13 Q:  “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied…. in (John 2:4) What issue did Jesus seem not to want to be involved? A:  A shortage of wine. Congratulations to Debra from Johnsonville AME Zion Church in […]

Listen weekdays for fun bible trivia in “How Well Do You Know Your Bible.”  Here are this weeks questions, answers and winners! Monday 8/12/13 Q:  The land promised to Abram (Abraham) was compassed by two rivers. One was the Nile river, what is the name of the other? A:  Euphrates   (Genesis 15:18) Congratulations to Elder […]

Join us for FUN bible trivia M-F @ 10:50.  Here are this weeks questions and answers. This week’s theme:  LOVE Monday 7/22/13 Q:  In 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, Paul tells us that love is patient and kind and also lists several things that love in NOT.  Which of these traits is mentioned in this passage? […]

Below are the questions, answers and winners from this weeks “How Well Do You Know Your Bible.” Monday 6/10/13 Q:  You have just landed on the mountain where Noah’s ark landed.  Where are you? A:  Mount Ararat  (Genesis Ch. 7-8)      Congratulations to Carmen Walker of Tru Vine Ministry in Fayetteville!!! Tuesday 6/11/13 Q:  What island […]

Join us weekdays for fun bible trivia at 11:47am with Melissa. Here are your questions and answers for the week. Monday 5/6/13 Melissa not in midday Tuesday 5/7/13 Q:  The third miracle recorded by John involved a man who had been sick and unable to walk for thirty-eight years. Jesus healed him, and he immediately […]

Join us for some Fun Bible Trivia weekday at 11:50.  This week we’re talking about Biblical meals. Monday 4/8/13 Q: In Exodus, an important Jewis meal known as Passover was first observed.  In addition to eating unleaved bread, the Jews at the meat of an animal whose blood was smeard on the door tops as […]