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Join Melissa weekday’s for fun bible trivia – “How Well Do You Know Your Bible” at 11:47am. This week is being brought to you by the American Bible Challenge hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and Co-hosted by Kirk Franklin on the Game Show Network – March 21st.

Here is this weeks questions and answers:

Monday 3/11/13
Q:  Jesus’ step-father was Joseph.  What was Jospeh’s profession?

A:  Carpenter (Matthew 13:55)

Tuesday 3/12/13
Q:  Who was Jesus’ cousin who was pregnant with the man who many years later would baptize Jesus?

A: Elizabeth

Wednesday 3/13/13
Q:  How may times was Jesus tempted by the Devil in the desert?

A:  three   (Luke 4)

Thursday 3/14/13
Q:  Where did Jesus preach most of the Gospel?

A:  Galilee (Mark 1)

Friday 3/15/13
Q: Who was Jesus’ second cousin who was beheaded?

A: John the Baptist (Mark 6)