“Working Mom Wednesdays” Fitness Of Yoga

Young woman sitting cross-legged on diving-board

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Another fitness option – YOGA!  Working moms in our busy schedule we have a hard time trying to fit in fitness much less to learn more about the different types so this year we are exploring the different types of fitness and which may fit you best.

Today my guest is yoga instructor Kelsey Hargrove who teaches for Soul Yoga.   Listen as Kelsey gives us more information about yoga including its benefits and different types of Yoga.

Kelsey Hargrove

A Licensed Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor, Meditation guide, and Personal Trainer. I believe my life’s work is rooted in emphasizing the intersection of mental wellness, physical healthiness, and spirituality in efforts to enhance overall quality of life. Grounded in holistic health and wellness, I’m passionate about mindfulness based practices, meditation, mindful movement, and honoring the bodies wisdom.

Instagram: @livingforsynergy

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