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We go through the trials and tribulations that we feel no one else does. Forgetting that what God made for us is for us as individuals. Sometimes it’s like, if it rains then it pours. Which causes the questioning of the God we serve.

Should we question God? Many would agree, no. We’re taught to accept what God has given us, but not taught to learn from these lessons. If you get in a car accident. You want to ask, why me? You feel like you can’t afford an accident. In your head, you think it’s the worse time, but in reality, it’s merely God’s timing. It may be God saying, “slow down”.

Take the Kobe Bryant incident that shattered the hearts of many and took the lives of nine people. To those families defense, one could see why you’d want to question God. No one expects to bury their loved ones, but we know it has to happen. Looking at this circumstance, you want to believe God had a reason for this tragic event. We should hope that the families affected by such loss learn to appreciate the memories of their family and grow stronger as a family together.

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The point is we are taught to look at tragedy as a burden or pain, but never as something that could help us in the future. Our prayers we think aren’t being answered are waiting for us to discover in the lesson presented before us in the forms of pain.