The ‘Dangerous’ Denial Of The True History Of The Confederacy, Confederate Flag And Racism

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The sign read: “Burn a Confederate flag, get free chocolate.”  Matthew Shepherd, the owner of a Hillsborough chocolate shop said he has been receiving death threats ever since he placed a controversial sign in front of his store.

Matthew Shepherd told ABC11 that a group of men waving a Confederate battle flag stood steps away from Matthew’s Chocolates at 104 North Churton St.

“They’re blocking people from crossing. They’re calling people names. People are coming in complaining, griping, bad moods,” Shepherd said. “Nobody was really doing anything about it. Apparently, they have more rights than anyone. So I put that on the sign just to lighten the mood a little bit.”

The sign sparked interest around town and a prompt warning from the Hillsborough Police Department to refrain from responding or posting the sign again.

Shepherd later changed the wording to read: “Burn a rebel flag, get free chocolate.”

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