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Eric Garner Protest

Source: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty / Getty

In 2014 a black man named Eric Garner was stopped on Staten Island for selling untaxed cigarettes. That day Garner died after a white police officer applied a chokehold that blocked his air passage. The incident was captured on video with Garner pleading with the officer to release the grip so he could breath.

The city agreed to pay a $6 million civil settlement but what upset a large number of people nation wide was when the grand jury declined to indict the officer that caused Garner’s death.

Saturday Garner’s 27-year-old daughter Erica Garner passed away after battling heart problems. The Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement announcing her death at a New York hospital that “She was a warrior to the end. She stood up for justice for her father,”

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