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There’s a bevy of statistics that underscore the myriad of problems faced by young black men. Whether in education, underemployment, the criminal justice system; or the school to prison pipeline, countless articles, studies and journals highlight the issues that beleaguer the black community, especially our young men.

But how often do we highlight the exceptional black man? The black physician. The African American Scientist. The school teacher, principal and college professor. The Astronaut. What about the honor roll student or the kid that carries groceries for his elderly neighbor? Apart from sports and entertainment, is exceptionalism foreign to young black men? ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delves into these questions with Judy Touzin,  Founder of the Exceptional Project and Be Exceptional  Coaching & Consulting, LLC,  and author of the book, ‘Exceptional: Black Men Leading, Living, and Loving, highlighting the positive stories and contributions of 32 black men.’



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