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Felony Charge Dropped for Jury Foreman as He Served on Michael Slager Trial

The only Black juror who also served as foreman during the Michael Slager trial had a pending felony charge against him that was suddenly dropped by prosecutors during the trial. Ironically, Slager’s trial ended in a mistrial.

According to the Post and Courier, Dorsey Montgomery was indicted last year on breach of trust with fraudulent intent for offering $5500 in discounts while working at Best Buy, but he was still chosen for the jury anyway. It appears that Montgomery’s charges were dropped three weeks into the trial which was also the day that he was appointed as the foreman of the jury. Had Montgomery been found guilty he could have served up to five years in prison.

It’s unclear if Montgomery’s past was brought up during jury selection due to the fact that the judge barred the public from attending the early proceedings of the trial. Slager’s lawyers admit that they were aware of the 35-year-old’s charges and that he did not opt to exclude him from the jury panel, the Post and Courier reported.

I’m a big boy,” Montgomery told the newspaper on Thursday. “Whatever transpired transpired. What happened happened. Whatever was done was done.

Montgomery has been doing the media rounds lately, raising a few eyebrows with statements such as prior to jury selection he had never heard of the Walter Scott shooting; that race didn’t seem to be the driving factor for the jury’s decision; and that he believed that Slager, who shot Scott in the back and planted a taser on his dead body, “didn’t do anything malicious.”

African-Americans Claim discrimination In Class-Action Lawsuit Against CNN, Turner

CNN World Headquarters...

Source: John Greim / Getty

CNN is on some hot water right now: They are being sued–again–for racial discrimination.

According to The Hill, two African-American employees have filed a new class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting and its parent company Time Warner. They allege that “the current workplace culture utilizes practices that discourages or prohibit minorities from exercising their rights under employment discrimination statutes.

The new 40-page class-action lawsuit includes data provided by Turner that shows that “salaries paid by Turner and/or CNN to African-American compared with salaries paid to Caucasian employees reveals dramatic differences in pay in similarly situated employees of different race. Upon information and belief, the pattern exists throughout the company.

The lawsuit also points to data that shows that promotions for African-Americans to high levels within the organization were basically nonexistent.

In the 46-year history of Turner’s network, no African-American has ever been promoted or selected to be President of Turner Broadcasting, Inc, or oversee any of Turner’s networks,” it reads.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Met With President-elect Trump

District Mayor Muriel Bowser delivers her first State of the District address at the Lincoln theater in Washington, DC.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty


D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently with met with President-elect Donald Trump in New York City, Trump’s team announced.

According to NBC WashingtonBowser’s office said that Boswer, a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, was the one who asked for the meeting. What did they talk about?

It’s not that clear. In a press release, her team alluded that there could have been a conversation about the economy, but didn’t divulge anymore information. This lack of transparency have sparked rumors that this meeting was about a possible cabinet position, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

While Bowser campaigned for Clinton, she and Trump agree on a few issues such as investments in infrastructure, namely Metrorail, roads and bridges but disagree on what to do with the Affordable Care Act and on D.C.’s status as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, NBC Washington noted.

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