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Echelon Knoxx

Lynwood Norris also known as Christian Rapper Echelon Knoxx was born on April 10, 1992 in Washington DC. He was raised in a well-known area in DC called Florida Park. Life for Echelon was not easy growing up, especially without his father’s presence in his life. Echelon however was privileged to have a community of young and older men to help him navigate through life the best way they knew how. In his teenage years the streets had a stronger hold on him which lead him to selling drugs, getting arrested, and overall trying to live up to the pressure that awaited him daily from his peers. Prior to becoming “Echelon Knoxx,” he was well-known as “Sonny Knoxx.” Sonny Knoxx was a rapper and a ladies man. His various talents, style, rap skills, and charisma easily attracted people to him. Bj and Cam were his two closest friends. “Cam” would often invite Echelon and Bj to church, in an attempt to bring them closer to God. However, opposition and various influences made it hard for Echelon to make the transition so soon. In 2013, everything changed for Echelon. Cam’s various attempts to see his friend transition would finally pay off. Echelon was fully convinced that Jesus Christ was real, and had work for him to do.

This transition also was the cause of him changing his name from Sonny to Echelon, which means a higher rank. He does not view himself as better than others, rather he views himself now with the great value that he was created with. Echelon officially signed with Dreams N Reach Management LLC, as their first Christian rapper in January of 2014. Echelon since has been privileged to make an impact on youth through his music in the

DMV, Baltimore, Atlanta, & Ghana to name a few. His sophomore project, Book of Knoxx 2 featuring New Hit Single “Concrete Roses” is slowly but surely reaching the masses, thanks to the support of DC’s Praise 104.1FM Radio station and Radio One. Echelon is now on a mission to use his influence to introduce others to the one who saved him.

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