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Youth Vote in 2016 Election

Source: Ron Holland / Ron Holland

Just how important are black lives to the 2016 Presidential Candidates? While Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilliary Clinton attempt to provide a meaningful answer to the question, Republican candidates for the White House, especially Donald Trump have been either dismissive or hostile. Mrs. Clinton for her part has been particularly vocal on the issue lately as she continue to rely on the so-called Black Firewall to win the Primary elections. But Ashley Williams, an organizer for the Movement for Black Lives did not make easy for Mrs. Clinton. Recently Williams made headlines in South Carolina for disrupting a fundraising event for Hilliary Clinton.  During the gathering, Williams unfurled a banner and confronted Mrs. Clinton demanding an apology for statements she made about black youth in 1996. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES‘ host Ron Holland talked with Ashley Williams about her disruption and the Movement for Black Lives.  Ron also talked with PR Strategist and Charlotte Chair of the Hip Hop Caucus, Brandi Williams about the role of the Youth vote during the 2016 Presidential election.


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