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Everywhere we go during the season, the signs of Christmas are there with all their glitter, tinsel, lights, greenery, cards, festivities, carols, bells, Santas, manger scenes, angels, trees and presents–and the push by Madison Avenue and the gimmicks of the retailers. The Christmas season either makes or breaks many businesses.

Pastor and gospel star Donnie McClurkin delivered a sober message Friday from n Nigeria via Periscope where he is preaching. He jumped on periscope and delivered a heartfelt message.

Donnie shared the below:

We have to stop looking for the accouterments that come with the holiday. There’s nothing holy about the day, We look for all the the accouterments — the lights, the gifts, the ability to provide opulent stuff for our children. That’s never what Jesus wanted for us.

I apologize to them for society making it something seasonal. ‘Tis’ the season to be jolly,’ when you don’t have money; ’tis the season to be jolly,’ when you don’t have a home. You have family problems, you have emotional problems. We forget and we compartmentalize God, but He’s an everyday Jesus.

It’s not just a Christmas, yuletide merry feeling. He is the God that loves us 365 days of the year,” McClurkin continued. “As He has provided for us before Christmas, He is providing for us during and after.”

Do you think Donnie is right?  How do you feel? Many believers dislike the season and have refused to celebrate it at all

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