God, Ferguson Needs You; Where Are You?


Katrina Lewis

All eyes are on Ferguson, MO right now. Seems like each day there is a new story of tragedy – not hope. Things seem to be getting worse – not better. Celebrities and activists from all over the country have come to Ferguson in hopes of helping, but they are finding themselves in the middle of the war zone without any influence to make things better.

Where is God in all this?

This is the question raised by E. Katrina Lewis.

These killings are happening faster than we can count. People keep saying ‘it’s praying time’….most of the folks I know have been on their knees night and day and again activists I know have been risking their lives, I’ve been donating money left and right to several families of unjustified killings this summer. Where’s G-O-D?

Apparently, some people know because I read “mighty move of God at church on Sunday, God was in the building, God spoke prosperity and blessings”….like haven’t we had enough of “that” God? What about the God that comes to the aid of innocent, helpless people, what about the God who fed hungry people twice in the bible (manna in the OT and fish&bread in the NT). Again, where’s G-O-D? I feel like it’s easier to find Waldo than God!

Her comments and questions have started me thinking:

Is God forsaking the people of Ferguson?

Do we not have enough faith?

What role does God play in the solution to what is happening in Ferguson?

What role does God play in finding the root cause solution to end racism in America?

Sound off in the comments below. Where is God while the people of Ferguson, MO suffer?


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