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In Congressman Paul Ryan’s world, people in the inner-city lack the drive and motivation to work or learn the values that sustain other communities. In what many people feel were demeaning and insensitive comments about men in the inner-city, the former Vice Presidential nominee stirred the ire of leaders across the country and even his own constituents when he suggested that generations of inner-city men are not thinking of work.

Ryan’s words were not infused with a slew of bigoted and overtly racist language, but his reference to Charles Murray, author of the despicable and racist book, the ‘Bell Curve,’ affirmed for many people that Ryan was referring to black men and black culture. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES,’ Ron Holland, delves into the controversy and challenges Ryan’s false assertions and broad brush comments. Ron Holland also dispels the myth that inner-city culture is averse to values and good work ethic. He also addresses the worldview that undergirds Ryan’s remarks.


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