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Aviation expert Jim Tilmon was a guest on “NewsOne Now” Thursday. He discussed the case of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and shared with Roland Martin his theory of what could have happened.

There have been, however, many conflicting reports around what happened to the flight. In the sixth day of its disappearance, here’s what we know:

  1. Flight 370 was headed for Beijing with 239 people aboard. It vanished at about 1:30 a.m., nearly an hour after it took off. It was last recorded above the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and southern Vietnam.
  2. Officials with the Malaysian air force say that an unidentified object appeared on their radar hundreds of miles west off of the intended flight path of flight 370. Aviation experts are still reviewing the data.
  3. The Chinese government published satellite images of what many thought could be wreckage from the plane. Investigators sent to search the South China Sea Thursday found nothing, however. The Chinese Embassy has since retracted reports of finding debris.
  4. Probably the most curious detail of the flight is the presence of two Iranian nationals who boarded the flight with stolen passports. The men bought tickets for Europe, where they hoped to obtain asylum. Intelligence officials have insisted though that neither man has a criminal record and have pushed back on speculation the incident could be related to terrorism.

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