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For the last few weeks reports have said that Oprah was decluttering her homes and collecting item to sell to benefit her school in Africa.

Well Saturday Oprah conducted what they called “an epic yard sale” for charity and raised $600,000 for her school in South Africa.

Of course since it was Oprah’s yard sale it was a normal sale.  Simple items that would sale for a few dollars for you or me went for hundreds because they were Oprah’s.  Like a teapot that was expected to go for $100. It went for $1000.


The Angeles Times reported other items like:  

• A set of six 18th-century Louis XVI armchairs with hand-embroidered details netted $60,000

• An enlarged print of a TV Guide photo of the TV host, with a $200-$400 estimate, went for $3,000

• Crystal lamp bases (described as “simple”), expected to fetch $200-$400, went instead for $2,500

• Two 13-ft. long sofas, upholstered in crushed velvet with roped fringe, collectively brought in $8,750