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By Tanya Wilson

Visiting my parents is always a treat. Both are really funny people as I spend time with them in their later life. Each one is amazingly talented even at this age and stage of their journey.

My mother is quite the “Energizer bunny” and keeps going and going even when there is no place for her to go. My father on the other hand has settled into a routine that includes MSNBC, with an occasional CNN thrown in for good measure. I must say, all he really needs is a microphone and a platform and he would be a great co-host for a political talk show.

During the visit, dad shared with me a video of an interview he participated in for a local talk show. I was reminded of the man that fought so hard for the community we lived in. I was also reminded of the disappointments that caused his retreat.

So often in life, if we are not careful we can get off track and distracted away from our true destiny. Events can happen, and we allow ourselves to focus more on those things than the things we know are our truths.

Each one of us has a purpose for which we were born, and only we can do it. I used to wonder what my purpose was early in my life, until I finally realized that it was that burning desire that never left me no matter what the situation.

Enemy forces never want us to reach our purpose easily. It seems that the closer we get to our true purpose, or the more work we do within our purpose, the more road blocks and challenges we seem to face; or as a friend would say to me “I’m being tested.”

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