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By Tanya Wilson

The 2012 Olympic begins today. For a couple of weeks we have a front row seat in watching some of the world’s greatest athletes compete for a gold medal in their sport. The journey to the Olympics is filled with stories of struggle, pain, loss, and disappointment and most importantly the commitment to persevere.

The games offer a great opportunity for each of us to be reminded of some areas that by strengthening in our own lives, can aid us as we seek to accomplish our personal and professional goals. Life consistently offers us the opportunity to be successful, however, many times it includes some of the same challenges the Olympians face. It is incumbent for us to persevere through to our goal.

There are eight characteristics that successful athletes stay committed to. By including some or all of these focus areas in our lives; the payoff could be as good or greater than receiving a gold medal.

• Determination

• Strength

• Hard Work

• Motivation

• Management of Adversity

• Optimistic/ positive attitude

• Focus

• Stress Tolerance

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