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So, courtesy of Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, here are two noteworthy financial news items about Wade and teammate Chris Bosh, who might also play in London, that show they really need everything they can get:

First, congrats to Bosh to his recasting the mortgage on his $12.5 million-mansion on Miami Beach’s North Bay Road! Still, the tallhead’s paying more on his home each month than many folks make in six months!

According Miami-Dade County records, Bosh’s now paying 3.1 percent in interests on his $7 million-loan from Deutsche Bank.

And his monthly payments now stand at $18,489!

As for Wade, before he asks to get paid — by whom, American taxpayers? — for the London games, how about he has the company that bears his name pay for its taxes?

Miami-Dade County records show the disastrous restaurant venture in which three D Wade’s Place eateries in Aventura, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton were opened and closed within months is still having repercussions.

The IRS and state tax authorities have filed tax liens on the corporation.

The state claims D Wade’s Place has yet to settle $70,256 in state sales taxes!

And the feds want $29,365 in corporate taxes!