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Although the owners are quick to emphasize their employees don’t have to be Christian, their faith is a vital part of their business practices. The organizations vary widely in size and product.

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Prework prayer meetings, corporate retreats to discuss faith-based business strategies, chaplains hired to minister to employees and other faith-based programs are sprouting up in businesses that range from mobile home park management to high-tech companies. These are all part of the things that these companies have in common.

Just 12 years ago, there were about 25 faith-based organizations in the workplace in the United States, says the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries, an Atlanta Christian nonprofit group that tracks faith in the workplace. In 2004, International Coalition identified more than 1,200 such organizations.

Here are just a few  companies that spread the Gospel:

George Foreman’s George Foreman Grills discussed his own religious reawakening in an interview with Success Magazine, and said that his personal integrity guides his business decisions. For example, he won’t invest in products or sellers that promote alcohol consumption.


Timblerland CEO Jeff Swartz is well-known for his commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility. For example, Swartz moved to sever the company’s ties with a Chinese factory where human rights violations were allegedly occuring despite the fact that it took a hit to the shoemaking company’s bottom line. Swartz attributed his motivation to his own personal Jewish faith in a 2008 Fast Company profile.

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