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BROOKLYN-A four-year-old boy, Jayelin Graham was killed after his step father, Damian Jones’ Cane Corso, an Italian dog trained for hunting wild boars, “Machete” bit his throat and mauled him to death. Graham and his brothers were left alone with the dog who was “trained to kill” according to neighbors who also claimed that the young child was often left alone with the killer dog . The New York Daily News reports:

“He was trained to kill,” said the 29-year-old man. “He had the boy by his throat. The dog was shaking him. He had no chance.”

But Jones, known as “Animal” or “Dread,” and his devastated fiancée Saquina (Honey) Jubeark insisted the death was a tragic accident.

“He was like a big Scooby-Doo,” said Jones, whose Facebook page says he’s a fan of the television program “When Animals Attack.”

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