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Tanya Blount best known for singing the unforgettable duet with Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2 “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” reached millions through her music (Island Records/Through the Rain) and the cult following developed through Sister Act 2. She is back after a 14 year hiatus with her own record label Code Red Musiq and a new single and music video “Top Model” on Feb 23. The video will be launched on Blount’s Code Red Musiq website and YouTube channel.

The entire project includes vocals from artist on her label roster which includes artist/songwriter/author Mike Trotter, CCM Artist (Christian Contemporary Music) T.C.Jones and many more. Blount sings songs such as “Fly Away” and “It’s Ok” which are a surprising fun mixer of Blount meets Barlow Girl.

“‘It’s Ok” is fun, it has a upbeat melody and it’s kind of corky,” said Blount. “It assures us that whatever is going on in our lives we have to go through it but hey its okay!.”

Fans can expect to hear this 7 song CD in Sept 2011 but while they wait they can enjoy the sound of her single ‘Top Model’.

“The song is entitled Top Model because with everything going on in the world people need to know that they were created to be Top Model’s not just in the physical but in the spiritual. The song says that you don’t need American Idol to say that your a star. Your already a Top Model because of whose you are”. said Blount.  “My life has taken many twist and turns because I didn’t know my value. That season is over for me and I want to encourage people to know that they are already Top Model’s because of who they belong too. This song is a personal work that invites my fans I chose to call ‘Sparrows’  to join me not just for the message of what a Top Model is but for the movement of self esteem, knowing your worth, value and whose you are”.

source:  The Belle Report