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In an interview that aired Wednesday night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Pastor Joel Osteen spoke about things ranging from faith, charity and finances. He also touched upon some pretty personal topics, like whether he drinks or smokes, or if he dated before he got married. However, it was not his admissions on these particular topics that created quote a storm on air; it was another, more controversial topic of homosexuality, and one that the Pastor has been known to rarely touch upon in his sermons. What really brewed the storm was the fact that he completely condemned homosexuality, calling it a ’sin’, and emphatically declared that Sir John Elton in a confirmed sinner.

The statements come as a surprise, more so because sin in itself is a topic that Joel Osteen rarely approaches, whether in his sermons or in his interviews. Piers Morgan himself was quick to point out this fact, saying that the pastor has not been much heard elaborating on these topics. Joel Osteen himself admitted to this fact before he launched into the interview, saying that “this is all new” to him. The interview continued particularly with the example of Sir Elton John. Piers Morgan reminded Joel Osteen that the singer would not be particularly happy if he happened to be watching this show, asking him why he supported such a view about homosexuals.

Pastor Joel Osteen elucidated, saying that his viewpoint was actually based on what the Scriptures themselves said. He assured that is is not actually his point of view, emphasizing that he is no one to judge the right and wrong of what others do with their lives.

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