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Alexis “Lexi” Allen of Detroit, Michigan has been known around the world as a great artist, journalist and television host. Perhaps she has been most recognized as that “good looking chic” with the edgy TV show on the Word Network that kept juicy controversy hot and poppin’ for her audience thousand across the globe weekly. With countless lively interviews with notable figures under her belt, everyone one from Sanford and Son’s Demond Wilson to the legendary Pastor Shirley Caesar, the Lexi show was cut from the Word Network. Now Lexi is searching for another open door somewhere out there.

But did she cross the line by digging too deeply into the personal life of gospel superstar Tonex? Was the content too graphic? Did she push the envelope one too far? In this controversial interview with the mega artist/pastor Tonex on international television, Lexi probes into his personal life asking him first why he was angry. He responds openly describing the anguish and grief caused by a string of deaths of loved ones, the pressure of being thrust into the pastorate and the pain of having his father die from a heart attack right in front of his mother’s eyes. He tells Lexi that he did have a nervous breakdown.

Then Lexi goes even deeper with more questions that eventually lead to open confession by Tonex about his attraction to men. Unraveled by his transparency, Lexi then asked was homosexuality a struggle now for him and was he waiting on God for deliverance? Tonex responds saying that his affinity with the same sex was not a struggle commenting, “It’s just me.” He later explains further that he wasn’t sure that it was something he needed deliverance from. Also during the interview he clarifies the rumor that his attraction to men had nothing to do the breakup of his wife of four years. He says he loved her and they had a great sexual relationship. “I enjoyed having sex with her,” Tonex shares.

Wow! Talk about getting more than you bargained for! This Lexi/Tonex interview will be remembered by many for quite some time. So, did Lexi go too far or was she simply doing her job as an inquisitive journalist?

 source: Gospel Today magazine

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